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We handle the candidate sourcing and screening process, ensuring that Carriers receive exclusively interested and pre-qualified drivers.

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Advertise your company and your job offers on our platform. Increase your visibility among the thousands of truck drivers

Driver Job Placement

Are you a driver seeking employment? We guarantee to place you in the best-suited company in the shortest time possible.

Rent a Recruiter

Need a temporary professionally trained recruiter in your team? We got you covered!

Recruiting ATS Platform

Make your recruitment process easier.Track all your leads and connect to the drivers in one place.

Referral Program

Help Drivers to find the Job by referring them to US Trucking Service and earn a referral bonus once the applicant is hired.

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    Our Experienced recruiter will analyze your application and will find a perfect driver who matches you criteria.

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    The Driver will be automatically assigned to your profile, you can view their information and hire them right away.

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Green Card Opportunities for Truck Drivers

US trucking service offers a Green Card sponsorship program for truck drivers who are legally in the USA. This program also includes Truck Driver family members, helping them get permanent residency. We are dedicated to supporting our drivers and their families in making the United States their permanent home.


Referral bonus

Join our referral program and start earning money for each qualified truck driver you refer!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

A CDL (Commercial Driver's License) temp agency, like US Trucking Service, specializes in providing temporary or short-term staffing solutions for trucking companies needing qualified drivers. These agencies maintain a pool of CDL-licensed drivers available temporarily to fill in for various assignments or to meet fluctuating demand within the trucking industry.

A CDL temp agency specializes in connecting qualified CDL-licensed drivers with temporary job opportunities in the trucking industry. They recruit, screen, and match drivers with short-term assignments, providing staffing flexibility for trucking companies and employment opportunities for drivers.

US Trucking Service is a truck driving recruiting and staffing agency that connects qualified CDL (Commercial Driver's License) drivers with trucking companies needing skilled drivers.

You can apply for a job by visiting our truck driving job page and filling out our online application form. You can also contact our truck driving recruiting team directly for assistance with the application process.

We offer many trucking jobs, including long-haul, regional, and local routes. Our job listings also cover various equipment and cargo types, ensuring a suitable opportunity for every driver.

To work with us, you typically need a valid CDL, a clean driving record, and any additional qualifications required by specific job postings. Experience and endorsements may be necessary for certain positions.

Once you apply, our truck driving recruiting team reviews your application and matches you with suitable job openings. We then connect you with potential employers and assist you through the interview and hiring process.

While we don't directly provide training, as a recruiter, we can connect you with trucking companies that offer training or orientation programs for new hires. These programs are designed to help drivers adapt to their new roles.

Benefits can vary by employer and position, but many of our partner companies offer competitive pay, health insurance, retirement plans, and opportunities for career advancement. Specific benefits will be outlined in the truck driving job listings.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us