With our Referral program it’s easy! Make $100 for each Truck Driver you refer!

Are you a Truck Driver and know CDL-A drivers:
  • Who don’t know which company to choose or
  • Who want a better CDL-A job?

Be our Independent recruiter on the road!

Are you a Carrier and your CDL applicants:
  • Are denied or do not fit your company?
  • You still want to help them to find a good CDL-A job?

Track your referral with US Trucking Service


Step 1. Create your profile with us

Create a profile to make referrals and track your applicants


Step 2. Send a referral link to a CDL-A candidate

On the dashboard in your profile you have a generated link you need to send to your candidates in order to track your referrals


Step 3. Let our recruiters match your referred driver with a Carrier

Our recruiters will contact the driver and help him/her to match with the right Carrier


Step 4. Track your referral

When your referred CDL-A candidate follows the link and fills out application, you can track the whole process and the status of the driver


Step 5. Receive a Bonus of $100 once your referred driver starts a new CDL-A job with us

When you see the status of the applicant as hired on your dashboard wait for your Bonus to come.

Ready to make your next step with US Trucking Service?

Our team of experts is ready to answer all your questions and guide you to the right plan that will fit your recruitment needs. To get connected, please fill out this form which will help us to know more about your company’s needs.