The Perks of Team Driving Jobs in Chattanooga, TN

Written by: Nick Kovgunov

Team driving is the practice of having two drivers share the same truck, alternating driving shifts and sharing responsibilities. This allows one driver to catch up on sleep while the other operates the vehicle. Truck drivers are allowed to drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 hours off duty, so long haul team driving has become a good way of keeping drivers fresh while meeting tight schedules.


Benefits of Team Driving

While there are a few minor drawbacks to sharing the your cab with another driver, there are numerous reasons why team truck driving can be more attractive than solo driving:

  • Team truck drivers can earn more:
    • Two drivers alternating and sharing the driving responsibilities means that they can cover twice the distance of a solo driver. This potentially means more money for both drivers.
  • Drivers enjoy camaraderie:
    • Sharing a cab with someone else can help reduce stress and make the hauls more enjoyable. Having someone to talk to makes the miles go by faster.
    • Some drivers team up with a spouse or friend, which means more time shared between people who enjoy being together. Sitting in a truck with a stranger can be a bit awkward at first, so if you already have a connection with your fellow driver, it makes team driving all the better.
  • Increases security:
    • When you stop, one person can always keep an eye on the tractor trailer, and if your rig experiences a mechanical issue, you are not stuck out on the road alone.
  • Priority loads:
    • Team drivers tend to see more priority loads, as they will be able to halve the time of delivery compared to a solo driver.
  • Shared driving experience:
    • Teaming up with a more experienced driver can be beneficial for less seasoned drivers, as they likely have some helpful tips to share. Even those CDL truck drivers with equal experience often discover they can learn from each other.

Putting Trucking Jobs and Professional Drivers Together

Whether you are Interested in finding driving teams to haul for you, or you are an experienced driver interested in team driving in Chattanooga, the dedicated professionals at U.S. Trucking Service are here to help. Our knowledgeable team of recruiters stands ready to coordinate all of your trucking needs – call today!