Payscale Based On Verified Experience
0-5 months $0.57
6-11 months $0.58
12-23 months $0.59
24-35 months $0.60
36-47 months $0.61
48-59 months $0.62
60-71 months $0.63
72-83 months $0.64
84+ Months $0.65



If you choose to join the team, you’ll go through a short training to help get you started on the right foot. And you’ll get paid to do it. You’ll do 1 day of ride-along training at $100.

As part of the dedicated team, you’ll run dry and refrigerated NO-TOUCH freight to various locations in OH, KY & IN – most within 250 miles of the distribution center. Freight will either be live unloaded or drop & hook. You will also pick up live load or drop & hook backhauls enroute, or possibly leave straight from the DC for one.

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