Pay breakdown:

Payscale Based On Verified Experience:
0-6 months 0.70
6-12 months 0.71
12-18 months 0.72
18-24 months 0.73
24-36 months 0.74
36-48 months 0.75
48-60 months 0.76
60-72 months 0.77
72-84 months 0.78
84-96 months 0.79
96+ months 0.80

Home Time, Route & Schedule:

Additional Pay:

If you live in within our hiring area, you could be the perfect dedicated driver to add to our team! Some of the best parts of being a dedicated driver are getting home WEEKLY for a 34hr reset, and driving an average of 1,300 miles per week while you make around $87,000 per year. That’s around $1,700.00, with stop pay, every week. Most drivers earn more than that on the account, while Top Earners make around $120,000 per year before taxes.

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