Driving A Semi in High Winds

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Nick Kovgunov

An orange and white striped flag is visible in front of dark storm clouds in the background.

Driving A Semi in High Winds

Often overlooked when considering dangerous weather conditions, high winds can cause catastrophic events if drivers are not properly prepared. You may have never considered what wind speed is dangerous for semi trucks, but the answer is only 35 mph winds.

Gusts of this strength can cause trucks to sway, throwing the balance off and requiring quick reactions to correct, or else the truck can flip and lead to an increased risk of collisions. Keep in mind that the worst-case scenario for truck drivers is to drive in high winds with an empty trailer.

How to Drive a Semi Truck in High Winds

Handling dangerous weather conditions starts far before you hit the road, by making sure your vehicle is up to date with service and your tires are properly inflated. When planning out your route, check for any weather that may hinder you, and leave with time to spare. If at all possible, consider taking an alternative route that avoids treacherous conditions.

You should show the same level of caution as you would in other perilous weather, and alert other drivers by activating your flashers. Firmly gripping the wheel and getting ready to react when the wind takes you for a spin is a great way to drive safely during these conditions.

How to Drive a Semi Truck in High Winds

Because of the wind’s penchant to change directions abruptly, it may be safer to drive close to or partially on the shoulder. This will provide you with additional room to correct yourself when you’re driving in windy conditions and also allow passenger vehicles to safely pass.

If you realize that road conditions are too hazardous, look for a rest stop or parking area that you can safely park in to wait out the winds. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry in these scenarios.

Pay attention to your surroundings and gut before you decide to drive through strong winds. If conditions are too dangerous to safely drive in, then you should consider taking a break to avoid a potential truck accident.

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